The move. New blog.


Hej all. Autumn is coming and a move is taking place. I am moving my blog stuff to another domain, which I highly recommend you to bookmark since it has things like badgers on skateboards, fancy pics, illustrations and other things I want to share with you.

Looking forward to meet you there!




I have found a new medium and new ways of working by learning from amazing and talented people. Comics. Why did I not work with that before? I am taking my time to complete my first one right now. A comic for children with a story about things; finding and loosing them – how we never own them and sometimes how they seem to live their own life independently from us.

little crocodile and the autumn that came


Little crocodile is actually happy for the autumn to come now. It means he get to wear his cozy sweater and can stay in and drink hot cocoa and play scary videogames with zombies in them.

Blue whale, being fancy smoking cherry and vanilla tobacco.


So it has been a bit quiet here lately. It is getting better and I look forward to share posts more frequently in the future. I have worked with Havsmiljöinstitutet for a projekt I will share, that is about saving the pike which is threated since a lot of wetlands are gone in Sweden. Meanwhile, Mr Blue whale is joining my blog, silently sipping on his pipe with cherry and vanilla tobacco.