Stockholm, gothenburg book fair, authors, moving, getting sick.

New pens, have recently gotten obsessed with cold tones. Stockholm Visiting the August residenceSuzanne Brøgger getting interviewed at the book fairSick bed, filifjonkan and blueberry soup making it better .. and french cloud of course Quick fix for making the walls less emptyView from kitchen window Very empty wallsThinking of making a vinyl of my home illustration. Could make it more fun, hey?

We left Gothenburg and the book fair the same day as Art Garfunkel went missing in Sweden and then got “found” again. Oh how I love Gothenburg and even more so the beautiful event that the book fair is. I got to meet three of my absolute favourite authors, all three really strong women that have made an impression on me as a person, and my life. Two of them I actually got to talk to as well – causing moments of heart flutter and starstruckedness. Before that there had been some hectic days with trips to Stockholm, visiting the August Strindberg residence/museum in blå tornet (the blue tower). With the car packed with all my studio gear, my clothes and the rest of my life we moved to Småland where I started off my first couple of days by getting really sick in a cold and fever.

From our new place in the old 1920’s building I see most of the small city we’re located in and everything is really quiet except for the train sometimes passing by. Not a single angle in this new home is straight – if you place something round in one corner it almost rockets away to the other side of the room, making me a bit dizzy (I had to balance my computer on something so everything didn’t feel so out of perspective when photoshopping). I guess I’ll get used to that, but for now it feels like I am just a slightly bit drunk when walking around, and my chair wants to leave the desk I’m sitting by. I guess I’ll take off the wheels.

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