Amsterdam and moving.

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I have a badass cold right now so I’ll keep my words short. We went for a spontaneous vacation to Amsterdam, and that clashed with our moving in to the new place. It’s a jugend style three and a half room apartment, and I have been dreaming of this for a while, so except brain full of snot I feel happy about where I am and that Amsterdam was pretty, inspiring and full of cats.*

*in many cafées, tiny shops, bakeries, museums, so accepted in society which I wish sweden was not so uptight and strict about. We also went to Poezenboot – a cat shelter boat, and Kattenkabinett, a museum with cat art, three live cats, cat sculptures, and.. yeah pretty much everything. YAY! One of the paintings there was a real Alexandre Steinlein – one of my favourite artists when it comes to cat art.

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