I have found a new medium and new ways of working by learning from amazing and talented people. Comics. Why did I not work with that before? I am taking my time to complete my first one right now. A comic for children with a story about things; finding and loosing them – how we never own them and sometimes how they seem to live their own life independently from us.

Project for Royal Columbian hospital foundation

I have worked on a project that recently got completed for the Royal Columbian hospital foundation, where parents can purchase a Bundle of joy – helping to fund the critically important work of RCH’s Maternity programs, their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and thework of the Foundation. It got very close to my heart, and I am very grateful I got to work with such an important cause!

Which tile are you? There is the dad, the sea shell animal, the otter family, the mother, the flying cat and the tea cup kittens.

Check it out here!

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Gothenburg, I love love love you   Someones psychadelic mural, taken from the car window  Back at my desk, working Idun, my creative director, inspiration source and love  one of my favourite moomin mugs. Filifjonkan bitchin’ up her little toddlers

This have been a busy week! I am back in my studio after traveling to Gothenburg in the west coast of Sweden, and after that going straight to the Småland region for meetings. I am back, but it looks like we might move to Småland for a while, and we found a quite lovely small place in the attic of a 1920’s house. Now I look forward to be in Dalarna for a while and finish some projects while starting new ones before our move in October. I also hope to get some time over to doodle – how I miss it.

Birthday cards and sketches for a wall piece.

 So I am not really good with hospitals since I’m probably the worst hypochondriac you’ve ever met, and this particular sketch is for a wall at one. I’m hoping to be able to use lots and lots of color to lighten up an environment that sometimes need a splash of paint.

Challenge accepted! Baptism invitation cards in the making.

So one of my absolute best friends recently got a baby, and she asked me to make the invitation cards for the baptism ceremony. I’m gonna go half way – make all illustration elements on paper, and then put it together as a final result digitally. Pro markers really did the job today, working excellent when wanting solid areas with color! Here’s a snapshot of some animal babies that will make a decor on the card. One of them is (of course) a french bulldog puppy, with a pretty rock’n’roll-inspired collar.