The move. New blog.


Hej all. Autumn is coming and a move is taking place. I am moving my blog stuff to another domain, which I highly recommend you to bookmark since it has things like badgers on skateboards, fancy pics, illustrations and other things I want to share with you.

Looking forward to meet you there!


Blue whale, being fancy smoking cherry and vanilla tobacco.


So it has been a bit quiet here lately. It is getting better and I look forward to share posts more frequently in the future. I have worked with Havsmiljöinstitutet for a projekt I will share, that is about saving the pike which is threated since a lot of wetlands are gone in Sweden. Meanwhile, Mr Blue whale is joining my blog, silently sipping on his pipe with cherry and vanilla tobacco.

Poster and invite cards illustration for Final production, Malmö.



_DSF1347cat is suspicious about poster “NOT FEATURING A CAT?!”

Today I picked up some prints from Final, an agency in Malmö for who I have been illustrating to their upcoming event about slash careerists, which means, people with several professions sometimes multitasking with very variating types of work. So for my choice of illustration, I chose the juggling badger. He is also on a skateboard. So you can kind of understand he has a lot of stuff going on. But fear not, mr Badger can do plenty of things at the same time without stress!

One poster will be framed on a wall at Final Malmö, where I also will showcase a couple of my works on the night of the event.  If you live in Malmö and want to attend an interesting night with speaker Nina Jansdotter (29th of may) who will talk about this type of phenomenon (not juggling badgers but cross over careers), and also see some work of mine, drop me an email and let me know. I have a couple of invitations.



Kindergarten might have been a start for me becoming a vegetarian. I have flashbacks of the kindergarten workers trying to force feed me with some kind of grey soggy meat sausage and I ran to hide in the bathroom, the only way to avoid the horror. But I do have one precious good culinary memory. That one time when all the kids got to try different exotic fruits. Starfruit was one of them. They only had one and we were many, so we each got a very tiny piece. But oh the flavor. Still loving the starfruit today. Thank you starfruit for having an awesome taste and putting some decent flavor memories from that place.

Meet’n’Hack at Media Evolution city Malmö. And I made the illustrations.


Check the event and badger floating in space at Media Evolution City’s homepage, It’s pretty awesome!