The move. New blog.


Hej all. Autumn is coming and a move is taking place. I am moving my blog stuff to another domain, which I highly recommend you to bookmark since it has things like badgers on skateboards, fancy pics, illustrations and other things I want to share with you.

Looking forward to meet you there!


Preparing for opening my tiny webshop with limited edition prints.

photo-5 photo-4 photo-3 photo-2 photo-1

You will soon find it here, but there is just some minor fixes to be done. Captain cat is waiting behind the doors and trying to peek out, but they are completely shut so far.. But soon! There is a promise of aquarelle textured paper and high quality vivid magenta inks ensuring sweetness and durability.


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Before I head to Amsterdam for a vacation, I am spending most of my time in my studio, busy with projects that requires illustrations of nerdy taped glasses, lots of coffee to drink and architectural drawings to make. Other things I also do involve errands to which I have to go by train, planting things, read, and go on small spontaneous adventures.

I am also now a part of the Swedish organization Illustratörscentrum, and will soon have a profile page there – something I am very excited about. That is all for now –  writing this with my hands under and above a purring cat that decided my wacom board was the best napping place today. Hope everyone’s week had a good start!