little crocodile and the autumn that came


Little crocodile is actually happy for the autumn to come now. It means he get to wear his cozy sweater and can stay in and drink hot cocoa and play scary videogames with zombies in them.

The prints from Nikita.

_DSC2683_issie _DSC2726_issie_DSC2697_idun

I got some samples of my print for Nikita and had to try them on. Presenting the top and hoodie – the hoodie one which I especially like since it’s a super nice and soft material, and it makes me want to run out on Maurice Sendak-like adventures – which it is totally what I illustrated it for! And maybe that is why I got a little crazy and wanted Idun in the picture, but since she did not get to sign a model contract, nor get any reward (except my unconditioned infinite love), she was not too amused, which you probably see in the picture – her whole tiny cat face radiates the look of determination to get away from my snuggly grip.

If you want to see real awesome models wearing my stuff (without cat though), you should go here or see my homepage about it.

Photos are taken by the excellent Jonas Erickson