little crocodile and the autumn that came


Little crocodile is actually happy for the autumn to come now. It means he get to wear his cozy sweater and can stay in and drink hot cocoa and play scary videogames with zombies in them.

all to the soundtrack of Kings of Convenience


Working from my outpost in Dalarna, where the sun is shining every morning waking me at seven before my alarm goes off. I were born in this light and I miss it very much when I’m not here, which is why I am glad to be able to stay for a little longer this time. I even dragged my scanner here to be able to set up my not-so-very-mobile working studio. Better to prepare – we are moving to Malmö soon and during that time there is lots to be done and studio might be where I am temporarily located. I am overdosing coffee and it seems like fate suddenly tells me I am on the right way, in my correct element, giving me new projects and nice people to work with. The days are filled with drawing and ice cold walks where every step is chosen wisely to not step on an icy spot and break something. I have enough of people hurting or injuring the latest couple of days, and I often find my thoughts being somewhere else trying to send energy to those who need it better. Take care out there.

poezenboot in amsterdam

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.48.39 AM

Ok, I just heard about this story. It seems amazing. A boat that functions as a shelter for homeless cats. That is probably one of the first stops on my upcoming vacation to Amsterdam. I drew the short story behind it for you.